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Johan is a violinist, writer, performing artist and entrepreneur living in Northern California.

Johan began playing the violin when he was 5 and achieved early success as the concertmaster of Foothill High School. He served as the concertmaster for 3 years.

While a high school student, he was a member of the Oakland Youth Orchestra and served as the concertmaster of the Livermore-Pleasanton Youth Outreach Symphony in his senior year. In 2011, Johan won second place in the Oakland Youth Orchestra concerto competition and performed Wieniawski’s Violin Concerto No. 2, 1st mvmt., with them in a solo performance. He also won second place in the 2012 concerto competition and joined them on tour to Costa Rica as an orchestra member in 2011.

Johan was accepted to Northwestern University’s Bienen School of Music, where he studied under renowned violin pedagogue Almita Vamos for two brief quarters before dropping out due to mental health. He graduated with a B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Asian American Studies.

His senior thesis was received with distinction by the Sociology Department and awarded “Distinguished Essay in Asian American Studies” by the Asian American Studies Department.

After graduating, Johan gained experience working as a writer, critic and violin teacher. He began a YouTube channel in May 2020 to stay connected to others during the pandemic, and he has continued to develop his reputation and career as a performing artist through that channel.

Besides music and writing, he works as an entrepreneur. He coaches artists and creators who have hidden talent on how to shine and become more successful through their unique combination of talents, experience and abilities. He wrote an eBook to start this chapter of his life and is cultivating a community to provide a trustworthy, supportive space for creators and artists who need guidance in their careers.

He enjoys talking about musical artists and collaborating with folks who are interested in creating something special. Connect with him here or grab a coffee with him if you’re in Northern California and have something in common to discuss!


I help people overcome psychological obstacles to success through my understanding of psychological matters.


I teach the violin and piano to talented students in-person. I emphasize imagination, craft, power and efficient technique.


I write content and edit copy for individuals and small businesses that need help clarifying their message and communicating expertise.


An eBook For You

How To Think Like A Talented Creator is for artists and creators who are passionate about their dreams and talent but lack the psychological support system to pursue them. As an artist and creator myself, I know how hard it can be to create new work, especially when you feel alone. That’s why I wrote this eBook: so you know you’re not alone.

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