In this article, I share 3 insights on what makes talent successful, business and creative purity, and why talent and effortlessness are synonymous.

A Business Mindset Separates Successful Talent From Average Talent

I understand where creators come from when they say they don’t want money to influence their work. They want their work to be true to themselves and not become distorted or diluted by things like money or marketing that might detract from their creative vision.

Money and art can work together, though. In fact, nearly every great artist you can think of who succeeded in their field did so because they understood that money made up a big part of their success.

In the modern world – and especially in the world of art and creativity – money can open up doors for you to opportunities that weren’t available beforehand.

Sure, you’ll find creators split on this camp. You’ll find artists are financially successful because they started a business with their work. You’ll also find creators who make no money with their work because they don’t want to charge for it.

Both camps exist. But clearly… one is more viable in the long-term than the other.

Art, Business and Creative Intent

Would you say your favorite artists or creators, if they make money with their work, are impure with their work? I don’t think so. You’d still say their work is beautiful, great, etc.

If you made money with your work, would you become any less pure or well-motivated with your creations than other successful creators out there who are doing similar things, except they’ve learned to actualize their potential by finding a market that will support them in their work?

Why would doing business on top of creating great work make your work any less great?

Making art and selling it, then, are two separate things. (See Ryan Holiday’s “Perennial Seller” for more thoughts and tips on selling work that lasts.)

If you had a client that would love to work with you, and you wanted to work with them, and on top of that they’d pay you, would you say yes? I’m guessing you would.

Turning your talent into a service requires understanding what you value, what your ideal clients value, and how you can position your talents in a way that leads to a win-win situation.

Talent and Effortlessness

Talent gives you the license to go further than others because it is effortless for you and too much effort for others. If you build around what you find effortless, you will grow faster than others – and also succeed more quickly than those who you are competing with.

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